Ace of Pentacles

After a thorough examination of our lives we understand what is right for us, locate it in our environment and advance to the next stage of its implementation.

Ace of PentaclesThe Ace of Wands represents our most basic needs such as home and family, work, food and shelter. The card is very down-to-earth and is directly connected to our inner truth. It also helps us discern between that which is truly right for us and our burning desires. The Ace of Wands does not indicate new beginnings but rather highlights events and processes in our lives that have ripened and are now ready to be promoted to the next stage.

The card indicates that we are in a state of mind in which we understand what is right for us and therefore perform the transformation from fire to earth: from wishes and desires to actions and implementations. The Ace of Wands deals with stability, self-fulfillment, and the simpler things in life. We find ourselves in a state of mind in which we have a strong desire to plant roots, settle down, and create stability, continuity and security in our lives.

Yet we also need to be patient and understand that every process takes time. Traits such as honesty, simplicity and self expression are paramount for the successful completion of our journey. We have to be in touch with our inner truth since only we know what is right for us. It is important to note that during this journey we must not be influenced by the wishes and desires of others -nor by our own.

Areas of particular relevance: Pregnancy, kids, long term thinking and planning, settling down and focusing on the important things in life, generosity and giving to others.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Readiness for a relationship, advancement of a relationship to the next level, readiness to settle down get married and have kids, basic need for a long-term relationship
Career Long term planning and execution, stability at work, working in a field and position which are right for us, promotion and professional advancement