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Ace of Cups

Suddenly, but after we underwent a process in which we had realized that we deserve abundance in our lives, the obstacles disappear and we achieve our goal.

Ace of CupsThe Ace of Cups represents faith, the ability to receive and enjoy abundance and prosperity, as well as accepting and embracing change. The appearance of the card indicates that previously the issue at hand was stuck without progress but the entrance of a new energy removes the obstacles and allows us to move forward in the desired direction.

Although seemingly the card indicates that we are passive, in reality a big change has began or is about to begin in our lives: we start to believe and change our point of view regarding the world around us. In the past we were cynical and saw only the negative side of things, but faith made us see and embrace all the goodness the world has to offer.

It is important to understand that since our newly found faith is the cause of the desire change in our lives we must not doubt our new approach. The more we believe the faster we will experience the desired results. We need to open our heart, leave our past behind and simply let life lead us in the right direction.

Areas of particular relevance: Abundance, problems that fix themselves , falling in love, finding love, original and unusual solutions, becoming newly religious.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Readiness for a relationship, emotional maturity and the ability to give and receive love, new beginnings, renewal or enhancement of a relationship, a belief we deserve to love and be loved ______
Career New opportunities, unexpected success, job satisfaction, abundance, wealth and success ______


Knight of Cups

The Daydreamer

Knight of CupsWe are waiting for our fantasy to come true. Surprisingly, it might actually happen but precisely when it does we will withdraw ourselves from the process.

Correction: We need to be ready for the option that our dream might come true and give it a fair chance to materialize. Once we do, we will see it is right for us.

The Knight of Coins indicates that we are too passive regarding the subject at hand and are waiting for something to happen. We are waiting for the knight in the shining armor, the savior –the one who will overcome all the obstacles and create the big change in our lives.

Surprisingly, the card indicates that something will indeed happen to mitigate our difficulties. But we will not be ready for it to happen and when the help does arrive we will tend to dismiss and even resist it. All we have to do is continue believing and allow the process to happen – at the end of which the Knight will turn into an Ace (of cups).

Areas of particular relevance: Relationships, falling in love, fantasy.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships An opportunity will present itself, the card bears direct correlation to relationships We are passive, do not react correctly and find it hard to show emotions
Career We have good luck and strong intuition We lack motivation, do not focus on the goal, we are passive and work too hard


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer


Page of Cups

The Artist

page of cupsWe are motivated by a need to express our complex internal world –a world which is very emotional. We tend to daydream and are not practical.  We don’t manage to implement our creativity in everyday life.

Correction: we need to express ourselves via some sort of creative work. We must face our limitations in daily life and find someone who can take care of it for us.

The Page of Cups represents a state of mind in which we are optimistic and believe that things will work out by themselves, but it never happens. We need to be more practical and get in touch with the realistic side of life.

Most importantly, we need to communicate to our environment what we think and how we feel -otherwise no one will understand us. The card calls upon us to find the bridge between our internal and external worlds. We must be involved with areas such as drawing, cooking or anything creative that can help us express ourselves and bring our life back into balance.

Areas of particular relevance: Mysticism, art, alternative medicine, therapist/patient.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We fall in love easily, are emotional and communicate well on the physical, non-verbal level We do not express ourselves well, we don’t convey our emotions and find it hard to understand what blocks them
Career N/A We are unfocused and find it hard to deal with tasks, goals and deadlines


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer


King of Cups

The Deprived

King of CupsWe are motivated by a strong need for emotional stability. We feel that others do not care about us and that we are not being loved. We therefore surround ourselves with the known and the familiar –those surroundings or people who will not hurt us. Consequently we find it hard to function in other surroundings or circumstances.

Correction: We need to think more of our career and personal fulfillment.

The king of Wands represents a state of mind in which we strive for stability at all costs. We do everything we can to get stability in our homes, in our relationships, in our workplace, etc.

We need to check why do we do things: are we acting out of fear to lose something we care about? Are we trying to pacify others so we get loved in return? If the answer is positive, it is time we adapt a much healthier approach to life, an approach in which we focus more on our goals and personal fulfillment.

Areas of particular relevance: Mother and motherhood, family, home.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are starting to aspire for a relationship and intimacy We are easily offended, we are so afraid to lose the other side that we consequently suffocate them
Career N/A We tend to be lazy, lack motivation, do not plan well, act slowly


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer


Queen of Cups

The Adventurer

Queen of CupsWe are motivated by a strong urge to understand the world; we accept change and are willing to take risks. We are loyal to ourselves and once we decide on a goal will use all means to get it.

Correction: we need to get some simplicity and stability into our life.

The Queen of Cups represents a state of mind in which we think in drastic terms of black and white. Our perspective makes all events in our life, from career to sexuality, more drastic and extreme. Whatever direction or action we decide upon we tend to adopt and follow all the way.

This is a card of change that calls upon us to accept things as they are and, once decided on a course, follow it to completion. The card suggests that we embrace change rather than be afraid of it. We should not hesitate to destroy something in order to rebuild it in a better way. However, we must take into account that we tend to make everything over-complicated. We must verify that we do not make impulsive changes but rather take action out of full understanding of the situation and our position.

Areas of particular relevance: Psychology, sexuality, changes, death and rebirth

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are sexual, giving, caring and good listeners, we know how to attract the other side We are moody, tend to go to extremes, we do not give second chances
Career We have good intuition, work well with others and put a lot of effort into our job We are unstable, tend to break the rules and take unnecessary risks


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer