Eight of Wands

To guarantee success, we have to react quickly and without hesitation and take advantage of a recently formed opportunity.

Eight of WandsNow is the time to act. There is no time for debates, questions and discussions. When we will act the Universe will help us and our action will be successful.

This is a card of success in which all of our actions are correct. We need to continue them swiftly, decisively, with no hesitation on our part. This way we will quickly get the results that are right for us, eventually leading us to success and completeness.

Many times the card calls upon us to act swiftly so we won’t miss a particular opportunity.
The Eight of Wands is the pinnacle of the suit of Wands. If we act correctly we will exchange energy into matter and continue to the success represented by the Nine and Ten of Coins. Hesitation and no action on our part will lead us to the decline of Nine and Ten of Wands.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Readiness for a relationship including marriage, passion and falling in love.  Jealousy, stupid bickering, halting the progress after becoming successful.
Career  Opportunities we have to take advantage of, creativity and good ideas that promote us, quick action that will lead to success.

Tendency to wait and miss opportunities, debates and squabbles divert us from our goal, issues inside the organization bar our progress.




Areas of particular relevance: Love and falling in love, readiness to settle down with a partner, written and electronic communication