Five of pentacles

We feel threatened and are about to respond in a destructive manner -paying consequently a terrible price. It is crucial that we decipher reality properly and act accordingly. But, if we already acted wrongly we must forgive ourselves and move on.

Five of pentaclesThe Five of Coins, one of the worst cards in the Tarot deck, can show that we experience a real loss and go through a crisis. Knowing that the bad situation we find ourselves in is a direct consequence of our own actions does not make it any easier for us. But, it is important to understand that under the circumstances we had no choice and simply had to respond in the way we did due to the mental distress we experienced.

In the previous stage of the process, the Four of Coins, there was no real threat but we nevertheless felt threatened and started to walk a slippery slope. Since we did not handle the problem correctly, as time went by our reactions worsened until we did what got us to our present situation.

If the card relates to a future question, there is a possibility to avoid the associated pain and sorrow –but only if we handle the problem we face –as represented by the Four of Coins.

Areas of particular relevance: Financial loss, self destructiveness, bachelorhood.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships ________ Unfaithfulness, tendency to ruin the relationship, self destructiveness, the stage of bachelorhood and inability to move on
Career ________ Financial loss, failure due to a rush action, acting under pressure, wrong assumptions leading to bad decisions