Five of Wands

We feel invincible and think that everything will turn out exactly as planned, tending to underestimate the required effort. But, only if we work hard and ask for help will we succeed.

Five of WandsAlthough the Five of Wands indicates that we will achieve a victory, we have to understand that it will not be simple or easy. The problem lies in our belief that everything will happen swiftly enabling us to will reach our goal with minimal effort. But, things do not work out as expected and we find ourselves surprised by the amount of struggle required to get to our goal. It is important for us to be ready for this struggle while understanding it is an important phase in our personal development. We will succeed only if we are ready to fight.

The card indicates that we can, and need to, get help -help which is probably not conventional. And here we need to bear in mind that what is conventional for one person is not so for another. For example, for a religious person it is natural to turn to their spiritual leader while for a secular person it will be more natural to turn to a counselor. The point is that this help is coming from outside of our comfort zone and it, in turn, will bring success.

Areas of particular relevance: Struggles, arguments, hardship, love at first sight, foreboding, need to see a therapist, a woman falling for a man.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We have great potential but need to undergo and complete a process before becoming successful Struggles and difficulties, conflicts, we tend to underestimate the situation
Career We are close to finding success but need to put all our efforts into it and fight hard in order to get it Resistance and hardship, conflict of interests, we tend to underestimate the required effort and think that succeed is guaranteed