Four of pentacles

We fail to correctly decipher reality and therefore feel threatened, react badly and cling to the known and the familiar.

Four of pentaclesWe feel threatened by some sort of competition. Something is bothering our peace of mind. We feel that we do not have sure footing in the situation we face. These feelings undermine our confidence, make us feel threatened, and lead to us feeling helpless and envious. Consequently we stick to the known and the familiar, raise our walls and become very possessive. But these reactions lead us in the wrong direction: Instead of dealing with the fear and using it as leverage for self-development we get stuck. It is important to make sure we understand what it is that we are so afraid of. Once we overcome the perceived threat we will understand what needs to be done.

For example, someone’s boss makes a pass with his wife -but this does not mean that she will be receptive to his advances. Instead of getting stressed out and  acting drastically, which can hurt the relationship, the husband should use the fear as leverage and become the “perfect husband” -one that the wife will never think of leaving.

Areas of particular relevance: Stinginess, competitiveness, wealth, financial stability.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Stability and a solid foundation for the relationship Emotional stinginess, fear of losing the other party, stubbornness, jealousy, lack of communication
Career Stability in business and in our career, a solid financial foundation Fear of investment, jealousy, competitiveness, stinginess, short-term focus