King of Cups

The Deprived

King of CupsWe are motivated by a strong need for emotional stability. We feel that others do not care about us and that we are not being loved. We therefore surround ourselves with the known and the familiar –those surroundings or people who will not hurt us. Consequently we find it hard to function in other surroundings or circumstances.

Correction: We need to think more of our career and personal fulfillment.

The king of Wands represents a state of mind in which we strive for stability at all costs. We do everything we can to get stability in our homes, in our relationships, in our workplace, etc.

We need to check why do we do things: are we acting out of fear to lose something we care about? Are we trying to pacify others so we get loved in return? If the answer is positive, it is time we adapt a much healthier approach to life, an approach in which we focus more on our goals and personal fulfillment.

Areas of particular relevance: Mother and motherhood, family, home.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are starting to aspire for a relationship and intimacy We are easily offended, we are so afraid to lose the other side that we consequently suffocate them
Career N/A We tend to be lazy, lack motivation, do not plan well, act slowly


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer