Page of pentacles

The Clerk

Page of pentaclesWe are motivated by a strong need for order and stability. We need steadiness and consistency without surprises. We are generally afraid of life so need to know our exact place in it.

Correction: we need to understand that life cannot be constant and predetermined. We have to learn to go with the flow, experience change and even learn to enjoy it.

The Page of Swords represents a state of mind in which we seek stability, organization and order. In the defined period we need to be in state of activity, to materialize our goals and to work hard while being focused, efficient and practical.

The card also indicates that we tend to get lost in the details. We are too cautious and so afraid of making a mistake that we avoid action while waiting to be told what to do.

We have to see the bigger picture, initiate action, understand what needs to be done and simply do it!

Areas of particular relevance: Work, order and organization, health, being in shape.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are there to help our spouse, we are loyal and supportive We do not initiate enough, we are conservative and wait for the other side to act
Career We like to work, have high work ethics, follow our instructions to the letter and invest in our job We find it hard to break out of conventions and do not initiate anything ourselves, we must be told what to do


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer