Seven of Pentacles

We experienced a disappointment but through it got a lesson which highlighted what is right for us. Despite the letdown we are now ready to take a risk and find our inner truth.

Seven of CoinsWe are disappointed from what there is, which is not what we expected, and as a result experience a sense of inner void. But our suffering is not without merit and the lesson we passed prepares us well: we now know what is right for us and are ready to take a chance to get to the truth.

If we had passed a crisis, that tough time was an essential preparation for what is about to come. We are now smarter and wiser, we had learned the lesson so when the opportunity comes knocking we can be brave and pick what is new and different –a choice leading us to the desired goal.

But if we have not passed a crisis maybe the disappointment is not real or is due to other reasons. In this case we have to overcome our tendency to implement major changes in our lives.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  A tendency to take a risk to promote our relationship, after a long time we are finally ready for a new relationship  A feeling that something is wrong with our relationship can lead to a wrong move, we tend to prematurely end a relationship although all is well
Career  After a tough time we are willing to take risks in order to move forward  A feeling that we are missing something in our professional life can lead to a wrong move and failure




Areas of particular relevance:  Resignation, ending a relationship, disappointment, confusion, readiness to take risks, willingness to fall in love again.