Seven of Wands

We tend to spend our time on trivial things -we have to set priorities and execute accordingly while focusing on our goal.

Seven of WandsThe Seven of Wands indicates a tendency to deal with the trivial and the unimportant. Now, however, we understand that this approach gets us nowhere. We therefore have to stop going around in circles chasing challenges and simply focus on the essence of the topic.
We often fail to reach our goal because we spend energy to fulfill other needs. For example, if we want a promotion we need to get our ego in check while communicating with our manager, think before speaking and establish a solid relationship -which will lead to the coveted promotion.
If we face the same problems and get the same lessons over and over again, we need to learn from past mistakes and focus first and foremost on our goal. Only then, with our goal in mind, can we discard the trivial, focus on the essential and succeed.

Areas of particular relevance: Mistakes, lack of concentration, confusion, getting lost in detail, attention and focus disorder

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  A good time to overcome relationship difficulties, focusing on our goal will lead to the desired results.  Confusion and lack of focus, difficulties and obstacles, relationships turn into rivalry, sticking stubbornly to our principles.
Career  Focus and smart utilization of our resources will get us to our goal.  We fail to see the big picture, getting lost in detail, cooperation turns to competition.