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Two of Cups

We must stop being passive, get to the bottom of things and initiate action that will lead to the desired results.

Two of CupsIn Two of Cups, very much in line with all the Two cards, we are “stuck” and need to find a way to move forward. The solution is simple: we have to initiate action! The card calls upon us to investigate and understand the issue at hand so we can be a few steps ahead of the other party. This advantage will lead to a situation in which we become a proactive suitor calling upon the other party while having initiative and advantage on our side. A proactive suitor, for example, can be a job seeker who is interviewing the employer -checking whether there is a match, versus a passive interviewee who simply answers questions and follow the standard procedure.

The Two of Cups emphasizes the idea that to achieve something we need to court it, express our feelings and act accordingly. We need to remember that our natural tendency is to wait for things to happen on their own. However, in order to succeed we must act with a strong conviction in our ability to change the current situation.

Areas of particular relevance: Love, relationships, running into unexpected people, romance in the workplace, a situation in which we are being scrutinized and tested.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships The more we initiate and act the more we succeed, the card represents love and supports any love-related subjects We tend to wait for the other side to act, we are passive and lack ambition
Career Mutual trust, successful partnerships, the card calls us to act –if we act we will succeed Complacency, lack of ambition, tendency to be passive



Two of pentacles

We wonder what needs to be done but in actuality we already know the answer! Everything is set and ready for the right action –all we have to do is ignore the restrictions we face and act.

Two of pentaclesThe card Two of Coins presents us with a rare opportunity: If we act we can reach satisfaction and happiness in all areas of life. But something holds us back so we constantly find reasons and excuses why we should not take action.

We seem to debate and consider our options but in reality we just hide behind our indecision so we will not have to act. Deep inside we know the answer: we simply have to ask ourselves what we would have done in a perfect world and act accordingly -leaving limitations and practical considerations behind.

It is important to understand that we must be true to ourselves and only do that which is truly right for us. Otherwise, the truth will haunt us and we will find ourselves unsatisfied in all areas of life.

Areas of particular relevance: Self destruction, indecision, choosing the wrong option, looking for problems where there are none.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships A good healthy relationship, variety in the relationship will spice things up and create additional interest Too many debates and indecisions, our need to be certain prohibits progress, we are waiting for the perfect thing –which will never come, lack of action
Career A good time to invest in what we believe in and take risks Too many worries, making no progress, lack of variety, clinging to the known and familiar, indecision


Two of Wands

We need to embark on a personal quest for learning and self-discovery in which we will unlock our true potential and discover the tools for its fulfillment.

Two of WandsIn the card Two of Wands we have yet to learn and discover our true potential -therefore we cannot move forward. That being said, we wrongly assume that we are ready for our next move so might act prematurely and fail.

The card’s message is that we need to understand and unlock our potential via a quest of learning, personal growth and self-discovery. This is a very good time to start a new process of learning and education, either formal or informal.

Often the Two of Wands indicates that the topic at hand is in itself the lesson we need to learn -a lesson that is crucial for our personal development. To confront the topic in question we need to look at our past and learn from our previous mistakes -while making sure we do not avoid or skirt the subject. For example, if we would like to ask for a raise, possibly the issue we face is not asking for the raise but rather confronting our boss.

Areas of particular relevance: Education, travel, international commerce.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships readiness to persevere and work on our relationship, an honest attempt to understand the other person A tendency to run away from relationships, a lack of ability to handle problems and obstacles
Career Ability to handle challenges, inclination to learn and persist, willingness to start at an entry level job and make our way up We wrongly assume that we are ready and can successfully fulfill a particular position