Ten of Wands

Ten of WandsLife is too busy! Instead of seeking what is missing in our lives we are taking upon ourselves too much and might collapse. In order to succeed we need to free up time and resources for the subject at hand.

The Ten of Wands indicate that we feel that something is missing in our lives but we try to correct this feeling by taking more and more tasks upon ourselves. Instead of looking for the simple things, earth and materialization, we take upon ourselves another project and another obligation. We might get some satisfaction in the short term but eventually we will not be able to hold up and will break down.

Despite the above, the card does not necessarily mean we will not reach our goal. But, in order for this to happen we need to stop taking so much upon ourselves and free up time and resources to reach our goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  _  Tendency to shy away from relationships and focus on other areas, getting addicted to our job, quarrels.
Career  _  Taking upon ourselves too much, failing to meet deadlines and goals, tension and tiredness that can lead to a break down.

Areas of particular relevance:
Taking upon ourselves too much, self destruction, a husband not listening to his wife