The Empress

The EmpressWe are close to reaching success, but in order to realize it we need to obey the laws of the universe stating that we need to give in order to receive. We have to give from ourselves and help others without expecting a reward.

Fertility is a guiding principle in our lives. When we are fertile we are connecting to the energy of prosperity, success and happiness and through it we can better ourselves and our surroundings.

The spiritual lesson of the Empress deals with our duty of empowering those around us so they can maximize their true potential. We achieve this via our support, our feedback, as well as through intellectual and spiritual stimuli. When we give from ourselves without knowing when, and if, we are rewarded it will help us connect to abundance and fertility in our own lives.

When the Empress shows up it is only natural to give from ourselves to others. But, at the same time we need to pay attention to instances when we find it hard to give and investigate why and where is it coming from.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Love, giving, devotion, abundance, readiness for a relationship.  _
Career  Devotion, caring, giving, supporting others in their personal growth.  _

Areas of particular relevance:
Fertility, pregnancy, womanhood, mother and motherhood, beauty