Three of Swords

We failed to cope with reality, we did not take care of the problems we had identified and consequently we experience the expected failure.

Three of SwordsSince we ignored and disengaged ourselves from the tough reality we faced in Two of Swords, we now experience the results. The Three of Swords represents true pain and sorrow. It deals with loss, suffering and hardship. We suffer due to our earlier negligence to deal with the problems in our lives. This is not the case of someone being suddenly laid off. Rather, all the signs that our job was in danger were there but we simply ignored them.

As a card representing the future, The Three of Swords usually predicts bad things. Three of Swords is a result of continuous negligence to deal with the issues in our lives but we need to remember that at the time of the reading we are still in the situation of Two of Swords – so if we act quickly we can still make a difference.

It is important to understand that despite our pain and suffering the process we experience is crucial to our self development and it will eventually lead us to personal growth that will change our lives for the better. Although we are in pain we can find some consolation knowing that it was not in vain.

Areas of particular relevance: Being Heartbroken, self destruction, ignoring warnings, inability to carry things through to fruition.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships ________ Crisis in the relationship, hardship, sorrow, disappointment, being heartbroken, ignoring problems will lead to failure and break-up
Career ________ Wrong business decisions and failures due to our inability to face reality. Financial difficulties, taking things too personally, focusing too much on settling accounts