Three of Wands

We have completed our quest for learning and self-discovery. We learned new skills and had other people acknowledge our potentials. Now, all paths of life are ours to pursue.

Three of WandsThe Three of Wands represents the results of the Two of Wands, which had started the process of our self-discovery and personal fulfillment. In this joyous card we get approval for our talent and abilities. The people in our immediate surroundings –such as peers and colleagues – acknowledge our skills, accept us as part of their group and cooperate with us, thus helping us reach our goal.

We have completed our initial training and are now moving forward with renewed energy toward our goal. However, like other situations in which we complete a learning process and are certified (e.g. becoming an attorney or a physician) we are still at the beginning of the road and have much work ahead of us. Therefore, the success indicated by this card is only the first milestone in a long-term journey.

In a relationship this card is especially blessed since it indicates the understanding and acceptance of the other party as the “one” for us.

Areas of particular relevance: Certification, graduation, acceptance to a guild or a professional circle.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Success, declaring the seriousness of our intentions toward the other person, advancing to the next stage Getting too excited
Career Competent choice of an employee or partner, successful conclusion of one stage and moving on to the next, mutually beneficial partnership Excess ego