Two of Swords

We are stuck because we refuse to face reality as it is. In order to do so we have to write down all expected problems and deal with them.

Two of SwordsIn Two of Swords, like in other Two cards, we are “stuck”. We cannot move to the next stage because we find it hard to face reality. We shut our eyes, cover our ears and disengage ourselves from the situation while ignoring all the obstacles we face.

In order to handle the situation we need to apply “cold” logic: open our eyes and ears, admit reality –as unpleasant as it might be – and face our fear of the consequences. The way to handle the potentially unpleasant reality is to prepare a shopping list detailing all possible problems and obstacles we might face. After writing these down we can no longer deny them and will be forced to deal with the challenges blocking our path. It is important to understand that if we fail to handle these issues not only will we stay stuck but matters will also get even worse.

Areas of particular relevance: Family quarrels, rivalry, tendency to ignore the facts,  unwillingness to acknowledge problems, depression, respite during a struggle.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships ________ Unwillingness to see challenges and problems in the relationship, ignoring obstacles leads to failure
Career ________ Things will not work out by themselves –we will face unexpected delays and challenges, a tendency to underestimate things and plan incorrectly leads to failure