Eight of Swords

We can reach the desired result but find ourselves blocked. Instead of listening to that part in us that knows the answer we let our feelings rule us. Only if we let go and listen to logic can we succeed.

Eight of SwordsIn this card, as well as in any of the eight cards, we are ready to make the transition from the current stage to the next and reach our goal. But we tend to fail in this transition because we do not act rationally and responsibly. In practice, we hinder our own progress since we decline to listen to the voice of logic. We instead act out of our emotions, catering to our fears and doubts, and so block our route to success.

Many things can tie us and block our progress to the next stage: we might be committed to a contract, the breaching of which will cost us dearly, or we might simply feel uncomfortable doing something unpleasant. But breaching the contract or overcoming our feelings might be our only way to break free. When we stop listening to the wrong reasons, when we see the situation in its entirety, when we break free – only then will we reach our goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Ability to correctly interpret reality.  Emotional blocks and inability to fall in love, fear of exposing ourselves, it is hard for us to act in a rational and balanced way.
Career Good judgment, keeping our alertness and sticking to our original goals will lead to success.  Inability to make decisions, emotional blocks and manipulations impede our ability to act correctly.


Areas of particular relevance:
Betrayals, secrets, inability to see reality for what it is, despair and depression