Queen of Swords

The Idealist

Queen of SwordsWe are motivated by a sense of justice, ideals, and the need to improve society as a whole. We often sacrifice our immediate environment, mainly family and relationships, for the sake of society at large.

Correction: we need to think more about those who are closest to us and learn to enjoy life.

The Queen of Swords represents a state of mind in which we meditate, disengage from our surroundings and disregard interruptions so we can fully focus on what we do. We can, for example, excel at work as we focus all our attention on an important project. We have superior ideals and act to correct the world as a whole, yet we tend to forget and sacrifice what is dearest to us, mainly family and relationships.

The card shows that we have good ideas and can be ahead of our time, yet we can also be underestimated by others. Eventually we will be recognized for the talented individuals we are, but until then it is important that we become less serious and less rational so we can enjoy the life that surround us.

Areas of particular relevance: Ideals, justice, social justice, innovations, technology, medicine.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships N/A We do not dedicate enough time to our relationship, we tend to miss the important things in dealing with our partner
Career We are very focused on our goal, we invest time and effort at work, we are good thinkers with solid ideas We have good ideas but others do not recognize them as such –consequently we might enter into a conflict with our peers


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer