The Hanged Man

Hanged ManThe laws of the universe declare that in order to succeed in one area we need to sacrifice another. We also need to change our natural tendency and even act the part of a role model in a certain area until it becomes a second nature.

The Hanged Man indicates apprenticeship and hard work. It teaches us that sometimes we need to sacrifice one area of our lives in order to success in another. The card shows that we need to focus on our goal while rising above the daily humdrum. But it is also important to understand that in order for us to succeed we need to make an internal change –we need to change our nature and our perspective. For example, if we want to get in shape we need to sacrifice sleep, get up early and exercise. But our natural tendency is to get up late –change will not come until we internalize the new behavior and do it naturally.

Sometimes in order for us to succeed we need to learn to act the part and become the perfect role model in a particular area. At work we need to become the perfect employee, at home -the perfect lovers, etc. We might initially feel artificial and forced but over time we will become who we want to be and reach our goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Willingness to sacrifice for our relationship.  Feeling the victim, feeling that we are giving without receiving, taking blame.
Career  Loyalty, high work standards, willingness to sacrifice so we can succeed.  Lack of satisfaction, giving up too much, bitterness, feeling that the rewards are not worthy of our efforts.

Areas of particular relevance:
Apprenticeship, willful sacrifice