The Sun

The SunAfter we have resolved our issues, the laws of the universe state that this is the time to be whole with who we are and be unconditionally happy. But we must be cautious not to get addicted to the issue at hand and sacrifice other important things in our lives.

The Sun brings us to the time point after all the issues raised by the Moon have been resolved and therefore we are ready for abundance and happiness. The sun is the source of life, where it shines its rays there is life.

The card represents simplicity, honesty, happiness, prosperity, success, abundance and happiness. It indicates that we are doing well with regards to the issue at hand and that it has turned into the center of our world. But that being said the card can indicate that we have a tendency to be dazzled by it, which leads to unbalance: because the issue at hand becomes our focus we lose interest in other areas, including those that are central to our lives.

The card calls upon us not to get addicted to the issue at hand but rather strike the right balance among the different areas of our lives, just like they were before dealing with the issue at hand.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Love, falling in love, being ourselves within a relationship, female attraction to a male.  Addictions, luck of proportions, neglect of other areas in life, childishness.
Career  Solid profitable job, promotion, job enjoyment and satisfaction, employment conditions and benefits which create status.  Addiction to work (workaholic), neglect of other areas in life.

Areas of particular relevance:
Happiness, prosperity, economic status, ego, addictions, father.