Eight of Pentacles

We are ongoing a lengthy process that requires a lot of work but showing little in return. To become successful we have to persist.

Eight of PentaclesThe Eight of Coins is a card of hard work. It indicates apprenticeship where we are ready to work hard and sacrifice in the present to improve our future. For example, studying many years for a coveted degree, or working for a year earning minimal wages just to get the experience.

The card calls upon us to get used to routine despite it being sometimes hard or boring. We have to find the good things about routine and try to enjoy it as much as we can.
It is important to remember that the process is long and so we do not give up prematurely. We need to show resilience and persist in our efforts. Only this way will we get to our goal.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Stability and simplicity, willingness to wait for the required results.  Inability to handle routine.
Career  happiness and satisfaction at the workplace, willingness to work hard, persist and sacrifice.  Excessive bureaucracy impedes our ability to reach our goal.


Areas of particular relevance: Work, manual labor, working as salaried employee, apprenticeship and training period, degree study, new beginning –especially at work, workplace romance