Knight of Wands

The Indifferent

Knight of WandsWe are waiting for something to turn us on, to get excited about. We need a spark. But nothing will turn us on, the excitement will not come.

Correction: we need to mature and understand that life is not a collection of thrills. The satisfaction we are seeking will eventually come but it will materialize gradually and over time while we live our life to the fullest.

The Knight of Wands indicates that we are waiting for something or someone to come and excite us, fire up our imagination and spirit us away.

But…it will not happen! We need to stop looking for that special person who will swipe us off our feet, or for the perfect idea that will set us on fire. It will simply not happen within the scope of this card. Eventually, we might be turned on but this will not happen suddenly out of impulse and desire. Rather, it will come gradually while we advance slowly and persistently.

Therefore, it is our job to initiate and act. We have to make sure that we do not rule out opportunities that cross our path and give second chances. The excitement will build gradually and when we finally get excited the Knight will become an Ace (of wands).

Areas of particular relevance: Dangers, impulsiveness.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships N/A We rule out things too quick, we do not persevere and do not get excited
Career N/A We tend to slack out, be superficial, we do not persist, we take unnecessary risks


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer