Seven of Cups

It is time to stop fantasizing. Our dream is possible – we need to implement it and turn it into a reality.

Seven of CupsIn Seven of Cups we can turn our dream into a reality. But to make it happen we need to get down to earth and stop building castles in the air.

Although we aim high, the actual results of our effort indicate a big gap between our plans and reality. Fulfilling our dream is possible but we might need to adjust our expectations to fit reality and the facts. It is important to plan ahead and understand what can realistically be done, act accordingly and stick to the goals we set to ourselves.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  The relationship we desire is possible but will require a lot of work on our part, it is a good time to be romantic in order to promote our relationship.  We tend to get stuck in the past, fantasize and do nothing, lack of action will lead to failure, we need to be wary of excessive optimism and false hopes.
Career  It is a good time for business ventures enabling us to fulfill our dreams, we successfully utilize our imagination to promote our career.

 Tendency to get stuck in the past and not adjust to life’s changes, greediness, deceptions, going after what seems to be easy to get.


Areas of particular relevance: Tendency to fantasize but not act, missed opportunities, man’s excessive attachment to his mother