Three of pentacles

We are confident in our position in life, a perception which is shared by people in our immediate surroundings, such as employer, family and friends who reward us accordingly.

Three of pentaclesThe Three of Coins is a joyous card which indicates a true cause for a celebration. We receive both an acknowledgement for our hard-gained skills, as well as tangible compensation in the form of a monetary prize or some other benefit.

After discovering our needs, becoming a professional and learning how to enjoy our occupation, we can build ourselves a solid foundation in life. Thanks to our talent, focus and persistence we are now prospering and enjoying the abundance life has to offer.

The Three of Coins is a blessing for relationships: like the Three of Wands it indicates the understanding and acceptance of the other party as the “one” for us.  But the Three of Coins indicates taking a step further such as moving-in together, tying the knot, or having children.

Areas of particular relevance: financial growth, promotion, acknowledgement of skills and talent.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Acknowledging the success of the relationship and moving on to the next stage ________
Career Promotion, recognition and positive evaluation of our skills and talent, monetary gain, financial growth ________