Two of Wands

We need to embark on a personal quest for learning and self-discovery in which we will unlock our true potential and discover the tools for its fulfillment.

Two of WandsIn the card Two of Wands we have yet to learn and discover our true potential -therefore we cannot move forward. That being said, we wrongly assume that we are ready for our next move so might act prematurely and fail.

The card’s message is that we need to understand and unlock our potential via a quest of learning, personal growth and self-discovery. This is a very good time to start a new process of learning and education, either formal or informal.

Often the Two of Wands indicates that the topic at hand is in itself the lesson we need to learn -a lesson that is crucial for our personal development. To confront the topic in question we need to look at our past and learn from our previous mistakes -while making sure we do not avoid or skirt the subject. For example, if we would like to ask for a raise, possibly the issue we face is not asking for the raise but rather confronting our boss.

Areas of particular relevance: Education, travel, international commerce.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships readiness to persevere and work on our relationship, an honest attempt to understand the other person A tendency to run away from relationships, a lack of ability to handle problems and obstacles
Career Ability to handle challenges, inclination to learn and persist, willingness to start at an entry level job and make our way up We wrongly assume that we are ready and can successfully fulfill a particular position