Six of Swords

We need a vacation to clear our head so we can return to our daily life with renewed energy. If we currently are in a temporary state we must not get stuck in it despite its convenience but rather go back to our lives once the temporary state  stopped being benefitial.

The meaning of the Six of Swords directly correlates to the state we are in with regard to the issue at hand. If the situation overburdens us, drains away our energy and absorb our time then the card calls upon us to take a vacation so we can rest, enjoy and clear our mind.

If, on the other hand, we are stuck in a temporary state, we might have become addicted to escapism and have no desire to return to reality. In this case the card calls upon us to wake up and stop escaping life by returning to reality and dealing with the difficulties, whatever they are.

In relationships the card can indicate a short term affair -which can be seen as a vacation. An affair can fit a certain time in our lives but usually, expectations aside, will not blossom into a serious relationship. In this case we need to wake up, burst the bubble and understand that we tend to get addicted to affairs –short term as they are.

Areas of particular relevance: International travel, affairs, getting stuck in the past, temporary states, children, looking for help.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Going on a vacation to renew our relationship, if single: a vacation where we can enjoy occasional affairs to clear our head We tend to get into affairs and short term relationships
Career A vacation will enable us to get back to work with renewed energy We tend to work in the wrong environments and investment time in the wrong projects -on account of the important ones