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Five of Swords

We have to make a choice but there are no good options to choose from. Only when we choose and act accordingly will we understand what is right for us. If we chose wrongly we will still have the opportunity to fix our choice.

Five of SwordsThe Five of Swords represents the common situation in which we face a choice yet no option is attractive. Yet we still have to pick an option and act accordingly.

The important lesson is that we must act! We have to choose and act according to our choice with full conviction and commitment to our new path.

It is important to understand that only when we decide and start walking the chosen path will we know whether it is right for us. Even if we chose wrongly we will still be at a stage in which we can correct our mistake while fully understanding what is right for us.

Areas of particular relevance: Indecision, no risk taking, letting others decide for us, becoming newly religious .

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships If we allow ourselves to take a chance and fall in love we can find a good relationship f trust in employees or management Fear and difficulty to fall in love, inability to make a choice, leaving things as they are will hurt the relationship nt
Career Making hard decisions can overcome the crisis we face t the relationship nt We tend to let others decide in our stead, business standstill due to our indecision, lack of progress


Five of Cups

The doubts we experienced had turned out into unfounded feelings of despair which, in turn, lead to miscommunication. If we continue this trend our doubts will turn into a destructive, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Five of CupsThe Five of Cups indicates that as a result of the doubts that found their way into our heart in Four of Cups, we feel desperate, pessimistic and can only see the half-empty part of the glass. Our reactions are proportional to the situation and are based on groundless, unverified assumptions.

Our despair causes us to withdraw from reality and hide inside ourselves. We start to develop a depression and exhibit lack of interest in life. If we continue to act this way our environment will respond accordingly and eventually we will really find ourselves feeling desperate for a good reason.

It is important to understand that our despair is unfounded and that the situation is better than it seems. We must stop the destructive chain of events we found ourselves in via better communication with our environment and react to the situation at hand.

Areas of particular relevance: Depression, lack of trust, despair, separation, negative self-fulfilling prophesy lack of trust in employees or management.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Everything is ok –we simply need to better communicate and be optimistic Despair, inability to see a positive future, desperation, sadness, handling ourselves wrongly, miscommunication, lack of trust
Career It is important to remember that not all is bad, we need to focus on our victories and not stop the momentum Fears and doubts that delay action, excessive dealings with the past, focus on difficulties, inability to see a bright future, lack of trust in employees or management



Five of pentacles

We feel threatened and are about to respond in a destructive manner -paying consequently a terrible price. It is crucial that we decipher reality properly and act accordingly. But, if we already acted wrongly we must forgive ourselves and move on.

Five of pentaclesThe Five of Coins, one of the worst cards in the Tarot deck, can show that we experience a real loss and go through a crisis. Knowing that the bad situation we find ourselves in is a direct consequence of our own actions does not make it any easier for us. But, it is important to understand that under the circumstances we had no choice and simply had to respond in the way we did due to the mental distress we experienced.

In the previous stage of the process, the Four of Coins, there was no real threat but we nevertheless felt threatened and started to walk a slippery slope. Since we did not handle the problem correctly, as time went by our reactions worsened until we did what got us to our present situation.

If the card relates to a future question, there is a possibility to avoid the associated pain and sorrow –but only if we handle the problem we face –as represented by the Four of Coins.

Areas of particular relevance: Financial loss, self destructiveness, bachelorhood.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships ________ Unfaithfulness, tendency to ruin the relationship, self destructiveness, the stage of bachelorhood and inability to move on
Career ________ Financial loss, failure due to a rush action, acting under pressure, wrong assumptions leading to bad decisions


Five of Wands

We feel invincible and think that everything will turn out exactly as planned, tending to underestimate the required effort. But, only if we work hard and ask for help will we succeed.

Five of WandsAlthough the Five of Wands indicates that we will achieve a victory, we have to understand that it will not be simple or easy. The problem lies in our belief that everything will happen swiftly enabling us to will reach our goal with minimal effort. But, things do not work out as expected and we find ourselves surprised by the amount of struggle required to get to our goal. It is important for us to be ready for this struggle while understanding it is an important phase in our personal development. We will succeed only if we are ready to fight.

The card indicates that we can, and need to, get help -help which is probably not conventional. And here we need to bear in mind that what is conventional for one person is not so for another. For example, for a religious person it is natural to turn to their spiritual leader while for a secular person it will be more natural to turn to a counselor. The point is that this help is coming from outside of our comfort zone and it, in turn, will bring success.

Areas of particular relevance: Struggles, arguments, hardship, love at first sight, foreboding, need to see a therapist, a woman falling for a man.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We have great potential but need to undergo and complete a process before becoming successful Struggles and difficulties, conflicts, we tend to underestimate the situation
Career We are close to finding success but need to put all our efforts into it and fight hard in order to get it Resistance and hardship, conflict of interests, we tend to underestimate the required effort and think that succeed is guaranteed