Eight of Cups

We tried so hard to control reality that we forgot what we originally wanted. Only when we let go of the struggle will we understand what is right for us.

Eight of CupsWe have been struggling for so long that we forget why we actually do so. We have tried everything but have still not reached the required result. The only thing we have not tried yet is to let go. The Eight of Cups call us to let go of our struggle!

Although we are not guaranteed that letting go will lead us to our goal, it will create serenity that will let us go inside ourselves. This way we will find why we struggled so hard and what is right for us. After understanding this point we will be able to go back and act in order to get what we want. But we might discover that we fought for the wrong cause all along, or that we fought for a cause that ceased to be right for us.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Letting go of control will lead to the desired results, submitting and retreating will expose the other side’s intentions.  Stubbornness that will lead to defeat, a choking relationship, lack of desire to see the truth, tendency to hold on to a mutually-wrong relationship.
Career  A good time to change direction and investigate newly formed opportunities.  Getting into pointless struggles, needless stubbornness, inability to spot business opportunities.


Areas of particular relevance: 
A Psychologist, tense relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law, needless struggles