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Ten of Cups

Ten of CupsWe have realized our dream. Since the suit of Cups did not force us to work as hard as Coins it is important to retain our achievement and remember that a dream is not necessarily a material goal but rather a personal fulfillment.

The Ten of Cups is a card of joy, celebration, abundance, wealth and happiness. It is a card of success, family, kids and love. It indicates that we love life and enjoy what we have.

The Ten of Cups is a direct continuation of the Nine of Cups which indicated a wish that came true. In Ten of Cups the wish is being fulfilled over a long time. There is a major difference between the two cards since it is one thing to win the lottery and deposit millions in the bank but quite another to remain happy and satisfied after ten years. Many of the winners of sudden wealth or happiness cannot preserve it for long. The Ten of Cups indicates that we will be able to retain our wealth and happiness over time and our wish will materialize long term.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Satisfaction, happiness, relationship success, moving to the next stage, entering a commitment.  _
Career  Success based on partnership, gaining unprecedented success, job satisfaction.  _

Areas of particular relevance:
Kids, marriage, falling in love, romance, a good match (matchmaking), successful partnerships.


Nine of Cups

Nine of CupsAfter looking inside ourselves to understand who we are, as well as utilizing the opportunities we got, we have realized our dream and reached wealth and personal success.

At this stage we simply have to enjoy what we got.
The Nine of Cups is a wonderful card that deals with success, happiness, fertility, abundance and fulfilling our dreams.
We have undergone a lengthy process of personal investigation, we have understood the opportunities that have been given to us and took full advantage of them. Now we have achieved what we wanted and are satisfied by the results.

The success indicated by the card has been reached due to our faith, our capacity to flow well with the world and our ability to rejuvenate. We were patient, did not insist on reaching a specific goal within a particular time frame and generally allowed the cosmos to mandate the manner and pace of things that happened to us. Now we can and should celebrate the results.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Relationship success, moving the relationship to a committed stage, success and enjoyment.  _
Career  Satisfaction, enjoying abundance, good luck which helps business success.  _

Areas of particular relevance:
Business success, sudden wins and successes, a man who leaves his mother’s home for a relationship, attracting a spouse into our lives



Eight of Cups

We tried so hard to control reality that we forgot what we originally wanted. Only when we let go of the struggle will we understand what is right for us.

Eight of CupsWe have been struggling for so long that we forget why we actually do so. We have tried everything but have still not reached the required result. The only thing we have not tried yet is to let go. The Eight of Cups call us to let go of our struggle!

Although we are not guaranteed that letting go will lead us to our goal, it will create serenity that will let us go inside ourselves. This way we will find why we struggled so hard and what is right for us. After understanding this point we will be able to go back and act in order to get what we want. But we might discover that we fought for the wrong cause all along, or that we fought for a cause that ceased to be right for us.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Letting go of control will lead to the desired results, submitting and retreating will expose the other side’s intentions.  Stubbornness that will lead to defeat, a choking relationship, lack of desire to see the truth, tendency to hold on to a mutually-wrong relationship.
Career  A good time to change direction and investigate newly formed opportunities.  Getting into pointless struggles, needless stubbornness, inability to spot business opportunities.


Areas of particular relevance: 
A Psychologist, tense relationship between a woman and her mother-in-law, needless struggles

Seven of Cups

It is time to stop fantasizing. Our dream is possible – we need to implement it and turn it into a reality.

Seven of CupsIn Seven of Cups we can turn our dream into a reality. But to make it happen we need to get down to earth and stop building castles in the air.

Although we aim high, the actual results of our effort indicate a big gap between our plans and reality. Fulfilling our dream is possible but we might need to adjust our expectations to fit reality and the facts. It is important to plan ahead and understand what can realistically be done, act accordingly and stick to the goals we set to ourselves.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  The relationship we desire is possible but will require a lot of work on our part, it is a good time to be romantic in order to promote our relationship.  We tend to get stuck in the past, fantasize and do nothing, lack of action will lead to failure, we need to be wary of excessive optimism and false hopes.
Career  It is a good time for business ventures enabling us to fulfill our dreams, we successfully utilize our imagination to promote our career.

 Tendency to get stuck in the past and not adjust to life’s changes, greediness, deceptions, going after what seems to be easy to get.


Areas of particular relevance: Tendency to fantasize but not act, missed opportunities, man’s excessive attachment to his mother

Six of Cups

We got a second chance. If we examined our past, realized our mistake and corrected it then we will succeed. Otherwise, we will find ourselves repeating past mistakes and getting nowhere.

Six of CupsWe get a second chance to confront an event from our past. The same situation, person or test repeat themselves. The big question is whether we learned from our previous mistakes. If we understood the lesson and applied the required corrections then the reincarnation of the past will be good for us, otherwise we are bound to repeat the same mistakes over and over again.

For example, we failed an exam but now get a chance to re-take it. If we do not prepare we will fail again. But if we understood where we went wrong and put in the effort we will succeed.

Areas of particular relevance: Kids, living with one’s folks, fond memories, figures from our past, an ex who suddenly shows up in our life, an affair with our ex.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships An opportunity to fix what did not work before, a good time to reach out and overcome differences, a past relationship reappears and develops into something meaningful We tend to escape reality without solving the problems we face, unsolved problems from our past come back to haunt us –especially our ex
Career A good time to examine things, analyze and strengthen the foundation, self-criticism that leads to improvements, deals or business opportunities materialize after we lost hope We find it hard to change and accept change, inefficient time management, stagnation opportunities materialize after we lost hope





Six of pentacles

We got a break! Now we must not rest on our laurels but work hard to prove ourselves.

Six of pentaclesThe Six of Coins indicates that we got more than we deserved and basically have more luck than brains.

Although the card indicates victory we have to understand that we have been given a rare chance. We need to be aware of our tendency to rest on our laurels and do nothing, and especially in this case must work hard and prove that we are worthy of the opportunity we got.

For example, we might have scored a lucrative position with the employer assuming we master a certain software application -but in actuality we do not. What we really got is a grace period in which we need to work hard, quickly learn the application and prove our mastery of it.


Areas of particular relevance: Luck, chance, generosity, donations, giving and accepting help rest on our laurels.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Unexpected success, getting a second chance, our spouse accepts us as we are Tendency to idealize the other party, trusting our physical appearance and prosperity and put no additional effort
Career Unexpected promotion and success, getting help, getting a break although we have yet to prove ourselves Tendency to trust our luck, not tying the loose ends, inability to reach financial independence, tendency to rest on our laurels


Five of Cups

The doubts we experienced had turned out into unfounded feelings of despair which, in turn, lead to miscommunication. If we continue this trend our doubts will turn into a destructive, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Five of CupsThe Five of Cups indicates that as a result of the doubts that found their way into our heart in Four of Cups, we feel desperate, pessimistic and can only see the half-empty part of the glass. Our reactions are proportional to the situation and are based on groundless, unverified assumptions.

Our despair causes us to withdraw from reality and hide inside ourselves. We start to develop a depression and exhibit lack of interest in life. If we continue to act this way our environment will respond accordingly and eventually we will really find ourselves feeling desperate for a good reason.

It is important to understand that our despair is unfounded and that the situation is better than it seems. We must stop the destructive chain of events we found ourselves in via better communication with our environment and react to the situation at hand.

Areas of particular relevance: Depression, lack of trust, despair, separation, negative self-fulfilling prophesy lack of trust in employees or management.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Everything is ok –we simply need to better communicate and be optimistic Despair, inability to see a positive future, desperation, sadness, handling ourselves wrongly, miscommunication, lack of trust
Career It is important to remember that not all is bad, we need to focus on our victories and not stop the momentum Fears and doubts that delay action, excessive dealings with the past, focus on difficulties, inability to see a bright future, lack of trust in employees or management



Four of Cups

We experience doubts that do not allow us to see the reality of the situation -which is in actuality quite positive. We must get down to the source of our doubts and confront the facts.

Four of CupsIn the Four of Cups we get “poisoned” and consequently experience fears and doubts. We have lost faith in the on-going process and we feel that the celebration, as was indicated by Three of Cups, is over.

But it is important to understand that our feelings are wrong and so is our twisted perception of reality. We do not see the truth, worry for no reason and are stuck within a wrong view of the world.

To move forward we must get to the bottom of things. We need to understand the source of our doubts while confronting our fears. If we overcome our doubts and do not give in to gossip, rumors, and fears, we will be able to discover the truth and experience reality as it truly is: a lot better than what we believe.

Areas of particular relevance: Fear of abandonment, boredom and inactivity, bad advice, poisonous gossip, loneliness, depression, need for psychological/emotional treatment.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Although it might seem to the contrary, in practice both sides are looking for emotional stability and love We are full of doubts, have no faith, feel pessimistic and worrisome, we find it hard to get enthusiastic and enjoy ourselves like we used to
Career There is a possibility to advance to the next level but first we need to overcome our fears and doubts It is hard for us to see the situation as it truly is, inefficient employees and consultants, feeling of boredom, being driven by fears and doubts


Three of Cups

We worked hard and succeeded. Now it is crucial that we take the time to celebrate so we do not stop the flow of abundance.

Three of CupsAfter we had completed a long process, worked hard, or persistently courted an idea, our faith and devotion to the cause has finally paid off. We have reached a milestone of success and basically got verification that all is well. In this card the flow is renewed and we sense what it was that we missed before. Now we can breathe a sigh of relief and start celebrating our success. Although we still have a long way to go we have reached an important milestone that has to be acknowledged and celebrated.

The Three of Cups emphasizes that we need to be joyful as it is an important part of our relationship with the universe. If we do not celebrate we will stop receiving the abundance we seek. Sometimes when we find a new job, a new mate or get good news, we are reluctant to make it public so we do not jinx it. This card calls upon us to get our emotions out into the open, to celebrate and share the good news since it is a very important to our ability to connect to the plenty in life.

Areas of particular relevance:Celebrations, having fun, enjoying the pleasures of life, flirtations, promotion –especially in big firms and institutions, the addition of a new child to the family.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Happiness, enjoyment, love, be loved Lack of trust (although in reality all is well)
Career Successful ventures and partnerships, abundance and prosperity that attracts more abundance, successful self promotion Tendency to be dazzled by success and act without thinking



Two of Cups

We must stop being passive, get to the bottom of things and initiate action that will lead to the desired results.

Two of CupsIn Two of Cups, very much in line with all the Two cards, we are “stuck” and need to find a way to move forward. The solution is simple: we have to initiate action! The card calls upon us to investigate and understand the issue at hand so we can be a few steps ahead of the other party. This advantage will lead to a situation in which we become a proactive suitor calling upon the other party while having initiative and advantage on our side. A proactive suitor, for example, can be a job seeker who is interviewing the employer -checking whether there is a match, versus a passive interviewee who simply answers questions and follow the standard procedure.

The Two of Cups emphasizes the idea that to achieve something we need to court it, express our feelings and act accordingly. We need to remember that our natural tendency is to wait for things to happen on their own. However, in order to succeed we must act with a strong conviction in our ability to change the current situation.

Areas of particular relevance: Love, relationships, running into unexpected people, romance in the workplace, a situation in which we are being scrutinized and tested.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships The more we initiate and act the more we succeed, the card represents love and supports any love-related subjects We tend to wait for the other side to act, we are passive and lack ambition
Career Mutual trust, successful partnerships, the card calls us to act –if we act we will succeed Complacency, lack of ambition, tendency to be passive