Four of Cups

We experience doubts that do not allow us to see the reality of the situation -which is in actuality quite positive. We must get down to the source of our doubts and confront the facts.

Four of CupsIn the Four of Cups we get “poisoned” and consequently experience fears and doubts. We have lost faith in the on-going process and we feel that the celebration, as was indicated by Three of Cups, is over.

But it is important to understand that our feelings are wrong and so is our twisted perception of reality. We do not see the truth, worry for no reason and are stuck within a wrong view of the world.

To move forward we must get to the bottom of things. We need to understand the source of our doubts while confronting our fears. If we overcome our doubts and do not give in to gossip, rumors, and fears, we will be able to discover the truth and experience reality as it truly is: a lot better than what we believe.

Areas of particular relevance: Fear of abandonment, boredom and inactivity, bad advice, poisonous gossip, loneliness, depression, need for psychological/emotional treatment.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Although it might seem to the contrary, in practice both sides are looking for emotional stability and love We are full of doubts, have no faith, feel pessimistic and worrisome, we find it hard to get enthusiastic and enjoy ourselves like we used to
Career There is a possibility to advance to the next level but first we need to overcome our fears and doubts It is hard for us to see the situation as it truly is, inefficient employees and consultants, feeling of boredom, being driven by fears and doubts