Four of Wands

We are on the right track to success but we tend to move too fast, focusing solely on our goal and not experience our path to it. Enjoying the journey will ensure getting the results we seek.

Four of WandsIn Four of Wands we embark on a journey toward our long-term goal. We do so full of passion and with utter conviction, believing in our way and the success it will bring.

But results are not everything: we are so fired up and so excited about our goal that we miss the importance of experiencing the journey. Blind focus on an end such as a degree, a wedding or a business venture might cause us to miss the learning experience we gain on the way; the process of falling in love in a relationship, or the hands-on learning of opening our own business. These experiences are crucial for our personal development. The Four of Wands calls upon us to live every day to the fullest, while learning, enjoying and experiencing the journey.

Areas of particular relevance: Wedding, engagement, embarking on an adventure, making a sacrifice for a cause, sacrificing the present for the benefit of the future.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Stability, finding the perfect partner, moving to the next stage Tendency to move too fast and not enjoy the process
Career Getting on the fast track to success, choosing roles and projects that will make us successful Tendency to move ahead ignoring the important details, working too hard without enjoying life