JusticeThe Laws of the universe demand that we do not let material matters interfere with our personal growth, that we stay well balanced and don’t act overly defensive. We must cut away what is disturbing us out of our lives but need to make sure this is not the easy way out.

Justice calls us to immediately handle that which is bothering us and delaying our development. Our personal development is stuck and we need to do something about it –and do it now! If we do not act quickly things will take a course of their own –usually leading us to places we rather avoid.

When the card show up we need to carefully examine the issue at hand and check whether we feel well balanced, genuine, and in control. Or are we stubborn, acting defensively, hiding something and getting into undue conflicts. Most importantly: are we expressing ourselves correctly?

If not, it is time for change: we need to step away from the issue for a moment so we can gain correct perspective. After doing so we can act in a well balanced way to fix the issue while making sure we comply with our inner needs. For example, we talk with our boss on what bothers us and try to find a solution. But if after an honest effort we cannot resolve it the card calls us to cut what bothers us out of our lives, in this case our job! Then we will able to find a position that better fits us and will be able to focus on those things that will bring the desired change into our lives.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Courage to take care of what is bothering us and bear any potential consequences.  We accumulate spites and not speak up, tendency to cut away what bothers us without trying to handle it first.
Career  Ability to disconnect from feeling and focus on work, accepting the correct decisions-hard as these might be.  Tendency to keep score with our peers, accumulation of negative feelings, miscommunication.

Areas of particular relevance:
Courts of law, divorce, termination of employment, justice at work