Knight of Cups

The Daydreamer

Knight of CupsWe are waiting for our fantasy to come true. Surprisingly, it might actually happen but precisely when it does we will withdraw ourselves from the process.

Correction: We need to be ready for the option that our dream might come true and give it a fair chance to materialize. Once we do, we will see it is right for us.

The Knight of Coins indicates that we are too passive regarding the subject at hand and are waiting for something to happen. We are waiting for the knight in the shining armor, the savior –the one who will overcome all the obstacles and create the big change in our lives.

Surprisingly, the card indicates that something will indeed happen to mitigate our difficulties. But we will not be ready for it to happen and when the help does arrive we will tend to dismiss and even resist it. All we have to do is continue believing and allow the process to happen – at the end of which the Knight will turn into an Ace (of cups).

Areas of particular relevance: Relationships, falling in love, fantasy.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships An opportunity will present itself, the card bears direct correlation to relationships We are passive, do not react correctly and find it hard to show emotions
Career We have good luck and strong intuition We lack motivation, do not focus on the goal, we are passive and work too hard


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer