Nine of Wands

Nine of WandsWe have to hold on –a final effort will bring the desired results. It is also crucial that we stay focused on our goal.

We need to hold on just a little while longer. There will still be additional obstacles to overcome but eventually, after this final effort, things will work out well.

Basically the Nine of Wands is a good card. But it also indicates that we need to stop looking for challenges, adventures, and unattainable goals. Instead, we need to find stability and act to fulfill our true needs in life. Once we do so, all will start to fall into place.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Successfully facing challenges, overcoming obstacles. Emotional hurt, lack of communication, a feeling that we are “out of the picture”, being over suspicious.
Career  Overcoming obstacles, ability to receive feedback, financial stability. Compromises, being too careful, a tendency to stay in a role or workplace that does not serve us.

Areas of particular relevance:
A need to survive, lack of involvement in what is going on, a last minute failure, an inner feeling of failure that blocks our progress