Queen of Cups

The Adventurer

Queen of CupsWe are motivated by a strong urge to understand the world; we accept change and are willing to take risks. We are loyal to ourselves and once we decide on a goal will use all means to get it.

Correction: we need to get some simplicity and stability into our life.

The Queen of Cups represents a state of mind in which we think in drastic terms of black and white. Our perspective makes all events in our life, from career to sexuality, more drastic and extreme. Whatever direction or action we decide upon we tend to adopt and follow all the way.

This is a card of change that calls upon us to accept things as they are and, once decided on a course, follow it to completion. The card suggests that we embrace change rather than be afraid of it. We should not hesitate to destroy something in order to rebuild it in a better way. However, we must take into account that we tend to make everything over-complicated. We must verify that we do not make impulsive changes but rather take action out of full understanding of the situation and our position.

Areas of particular relevance: Psychology, sexuality, changes, death and rebirth

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are sexual, giving, caring and good listeners, we know how to attract the other side We are moody, tend to go to extremes, we do not give second chances
Career We have good intuition, work well with others and put a lot of effort into our job We are unstable, tend to break the rules and take unnecessary risks


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer