Seven of Swords

We are at our very best, our thinking is solid and our ideas are strong. We need to define goals, create a plan and execute accordingly.

Seven of SwordsIn the previous card, Six of Swords, we took a vacation from life and reality. In the current card, Seven of Swords–one of the strongest cards in the suit of swords, we act decisively and move swiftly forward our goal. We perform at our best, we are active, practical, cool headed, logical, and know our goal. We have solid ideas and know how to plan -both short and long term.

It is important to note that although the card puts emphasis on planning, we do not stay in the theoretical realm and start successfully turning our ideas into reality. Although we have not yet achieved our goal we are already at an advanced stage of executing our plan.

In this card the way to reach our goal is via logical thinking and planning. We have to trust ourselves and our ability to solve problem using logical thinking, planning and execution. The card indicates that we have the ability to do so but at the same time must not get lost in details that can make us lose focus.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  A good time to move to the next stage, good planning of the next moves will lead to success.  We need to be careful of over-planning and over-analyzing that can come on account of our ability to flow well and express feelings.
Career  Using our logic will lead to success, we have the capacity to plan and execute, we can see things for what they are.

We tend to cut corners and not follow the process -which can hamper our ability to succeed.

Areas of particular relevance: Tendency to act alone, bulletproof plan, mother issues, Electra Complex (girl in love with her dad), a special bond between two brothers.