Six of pentacles

We got a break! Now we must not rest on our laurels but work hard to prove ourselves.

Six of pentaclesThe Six of Coins indicates that we got more than we deserved and basically have more luck than brains.

Although the card indicates victory we have to understand that we have been given a rare chance. We need to be aware of our tendency to rest on our laurels and do nothing, and especially in this case must work hard and prove that we are worthy of the opportunity we got.

For example, we might have scored a lucrative position with the employer assuming we master a certain software application -but in actuality we do not. What we really got is a grace period in which we need to work hard, quickly learn the application and prove our mastery of it.


Areas of particular relevance: Luck, chance, generosity, donations, giving and accepting help rest on our laurels.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Unexpected success, getting a second chance, our spouse accepts us as we are Tendency to idealize the other party, trusting our physical appearance and prosperity and put no additional effort
Career Unexpected promotion and success, getting help, getting a break although we have yet to prove ourselves Tendency to trust our luck, not tying the loose ends, inability to reach financial independence, tendency to rest on our laurels