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Queen of Pentacles

The Shop Keeper

Queen of PentaclesWe are motivated by simplicity, security and stability in all areas of life -especially the material world. We do not take chances and avoid changes -hence we tend to stick with the familiar.

Correction: we need to learn to flow with life, accept changes and listen to our inner voice.

The Queen of Coins represents a state of mind in which we seek material stability and focus on building strong foundations in all areas of life. In the defined period we need to be guided by simplicity and practicality. We should not be concerned by working too hard. To get the results we want in a particular area of life we can allow ourselves to sacrifice other areas.

At the same time the card indicates we have a tendency to be over materialistic. We are so afraid to lose what we have that we can become very stingy in our giving. We also rarely share our emotions with our loved ones.

We have to listen to our gut and learn to flow with life. We need to be aware of our fear of losing what we have yet at the same time accept change as an inseparable part of life. If we embrace change we can use it as leverage to progress in life.

Areas of particular relevance: Property, inheritance, aesthetics, hedonism, art

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We take care of ourselves, work on our physical side and create strong attraction toward us, we want to advance relationships to the next level We tend to follow the practical side of life –mainly security and stability, rather than what our heart desires
Career We can be very practical, we work hard and are motivated by material incentives N/A


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer