The World

The WorldThe laws of the universe state that every end is a beginning of something else. Although we have achieved our goal regarding the issue at hand, we still need to move forward and not stop at what was achieved so far. If we stop moving forward we will stop developing and start moving backward.

The World card indicates coming full circle, completion of processes, successes and wholeness. In this card we are mature and view the world with a wide, proportional view -seeing both our immediate and extended surroundings. We manage well in life and are not chained or tied down to a single idea, framework or person. We do what is genuinely right for us.

But at the same instant the card also deals with the question “what now?” regardless of our achievement and the positive state we are in, we must not forget that tomorrow is yet another day in which we need to continue learning and developing. If we do not do this and simply rest on our laurels, our progress will get blocked and we will start moving backward.
We need to understand that wholeness is not just a goal together with the good feeling and rest we get after achieving it. True wholeness is a way of life: daily, never ending work on self development and improvement. True wholeness is the actual process we go through on our quest to achieving wholeness.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Wonderful partnership, harmony, stable relationship, marriage.  Tendency to perfectionism, unwillingness to compromise, setting marriage as a goal by itself.
Career  Success, achieving goals, promotion, realistic approach.  Getting lost in the details, over-materialism.

Areas of particular relevance:
coming full circle, wholeness, international travel and business, perfection, marriage, lesbians, coming out of the closet, sexual problems.