Two of pentacles

We wonder what needs to be done but in actuality we already know the answer! Everything is set and ready for the right action –all we have to do is ignore the restrictions we face and act.

Two of pentaclesThe card Two of Coins presents us with a rare opportunity: If we act we can reach satisfaction and happiness in all areas of life. But something holds us back so we constantly find reasons and excuses why we should not take action.

We seem to debate and consider our options but in reality we just hide behind our indecision so we will not have to act. Deep inside we know the answer: we simply have to ask ourselves what we would have done in a perfect world and act accordingly -leaving limitations and practical considerations behind.

It is important to understand that we must be true to ourselves and only do that which is truly right for us. Otherwise, the truth will haunt us and we will find ourselves unsatisfied in all areas of life.

Areas of particular relevance: Self destruction, indecision, choosing the wrong option, looking for problems where there are none.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships A good healthy relationship, variety in the relationship will spice things up and create additional interest Too many debates and indecisions, our need to be certain prohibits progress, we are waiting for the perfect thing –which will never come, lack of action
Career A good time to invest in what we believe in and take risks Too many worries, making no progress, lack of variety, clinging to the known and familiar, indecision