Ace of Swords

That which we have desired actually takes form due to good planning and correct executing. If we did not plan, however, the cosmos might still nudge us in the right direction –but we will miss the associated growth and learning.

Ace of SwordsThe Ace of Swords indicated that now is the right time to materialize and bring into fruition our plans and ideas. It is important to note that although we must make plans we must also execute them. The card indicates that suddenly we feel that this is the right time to focus on our goal and take action. We feel the urge to move forward, to learn intellectually as well as spiritually, and start implementing a plan that was buried in a drawer for a long time. We feel more alert and primed for action, our thoughts get crystallized and we are ready for battle.

Sometimes we get stuck in the middle of a certain process with no progress for a long time. For these situations the card indicates there might be a cosmic intervention that will provide the much needed shove to send us on our way. However, unlike most of the Sword cards in this case the cosmic nudge will be relatively painless.

The Ace of Swords calls upon us to act without hesitation and, if so required, even “cut” something out of our life for good. We need to apply cold logic and carry out our plan even if it is unpleasant or makes us feel uncomfortable.

Areas of particular relevance: Cosmic intervention, logic which overcomes emotions, the need to “cut” something out of our lives so we can move on, stubbornness, surgery.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships New beginnings, readiness to change and compromise for the sake of a relationship, moving forward a relationship in a practical and logical way, a surprising romantic encounter ______
Career Successful execution of plans and ideas, a winning strategy, decisiveness  and persistence to reach our goal, ability to neutralize fears and emotions to promote our job or career ______