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Six of Swords

We need a vacation to clear our head so we can return to our daily life with renewed energy. If we currently are in a temporary state we must not get stuck in it despite its convenience but rather go back to our lives once the temporary state  stopped being benefitial.

The meaning of the Six of Swords directly correlates to the state we are in with regard to the issue at hand. If the situation overburdens us, drains away our energy and absorb our time then the card calls upon us to take a vacation so we can rest, enjoy and clear our mind.

If, on the other hand, we are stuck in a temporary state, we might have become addicted to escapism and have no desire to return to reality. In this case the card calls upon us to wake up and stop escaping life by returning to reality and dealing with the difficulties, whatever they are.

In relationships the card can indicate a short term affair -which can be seen as a vacation. An affair can fit a certain time in our lives but usually, expectations aside, will not blossom into a serious relationship. In this case we need to wake up, burst the bubble and understand that we tend to get addicted to affairs –short term as they are.

Areas of particular relevance: International travel, affairs, getting stuck in the past, temporary states, children, looking for help.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Going on a vacation to renew our relationship, if single: a vacation where we can enjoy occasional affairs to clear our head We tend to get into affairs and short term relationships
Career A vacation will enable us to get back to work with renewed energy We tend to work in the wrong environments and investment time in the wrong projects -on account of the important ones




Five of Swords

We have to make a choice but there are no good options to choose from. Only when we choose and act accordingly will we understand what is right for us. If we chose wrongly we will still have the opportunity to fix our choice.

Five of SwordsThe Five of Swords represents the common situation in which we face a choice yet no option is attractive. Yet we still have to pick an option and act accordingly.

The important lesson is that we must act! We have to choose and act according to our choice with full conviction and commitment to our new path.

It is important to understand that only when we decide and start walking the chosen path will we know whether it is right for us. Even if we chose wrongly we will still be at a stage in which we can correct our mistake while fully understanding what is right for us.

Areas of particular relevance: Indecision, no risk taking, letting others decide for us, becoming newly religious .

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships If we allow ourselves to take a chance and fall in love we can find a good relationship f trust in employees or management Fear and difficulty to fall in love, inability to make a choice, leaving things as they are will hurt the relationship nt
Career Making hard decisions can overcome the crisis we face t the relationship nt We tend to let others decide in our stead, business standstill due to our indecision, lack of progress


Four of Swords

Now is not a good time to make a decision or take action. Despite our strong will to act we need to hold back and wait for a better time.

Four of SwordsThe Four of Swords indicates that now, the immediate present, is not a good time to act or react to the issue at hand. Both we and the situation are still not primed so every action and every decision will turn out better if we only wait a bit longer.

It is important to understand that the situation is bothering us so, although not sure, we tend to take action, react, act here and now and be done with it. This type of action is definitely not recommended. In Four of Swords it is important for us to wait for a better time to act.

Areas of particular relevance: Sickness, retreat, isolation, thinking in-depth about the situation, need for a respite from difficult reality, seeing a psychologist.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Self exploration and treatment as part of a relationship or as preparation for a relationship nt Rush decisions will lead to difficulties, we need some time alone, no desire for a relationship
Career A good time for reorganization Current business decisions and actions will not be successful, without change and reorganization past problems will continue to trouble us




Three of Swords

We failed to cope with reality, we did not take care of the problems we had identified and consequently we experience the expected failure.

Three of SwordsSince we ignored and disengaged ourselves from the tough reality we faced in Two of Swords, we now experience the results. The Three of Swords represents true pain and sorrow. It deals with loss, suffering and hardship. We suffer due to our earlier negligence to deal with the problems in our lives. This is not the case of someone being suddenly laid off. Rather, all the signs that our job was in danger were there but we simply ignored them.

As a card representing the future, The Three of Swords usually predicts bad things. Three of Swords is a result of continuous negligence to deal with the issues in our lives but we need to remember that at the time of the reading we are still in the situation of Two of Swords – so if we act quickly we can still make a difference.

It is important to understand that despite our pain and suffering the process we experience is crucial to our self development and it will eventually lead us to personal growth that will change our lives for the better. Although we are in pain we can find some consolation knowing that it was not in vain.

Areas of particular relevance: Being Heartbroken, self destruction, ignoring warnings, inability to carry things through to fruition.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships ________ Crisis in the relationship, hardship, sorrow, disappointment, being heartbroken, ignoring problems will lead to failure and break-up
Career ________ Wrong business decisions and failures due to our inability to face reality. Financial difficulties, taking things too personally, focusing too much on settling accounts


Two of Swords

We are stuck because we refuse to face reality as it is. In order to do so we have to write down all expected problems and deal with them.

Two of SwordsIn Two of Swords, like in other Two cards, we are “stuck”. We cannot move to the next stage because we find it hard to face reality. We shut our eyes, cover our ears and disengage ourselves from the situation while ignoring all the obstacles we face.

In order to handle the situation we need to apply “cold” logic: open our eyes and ears, admit reality –as unpleasant as it might be – and face our fear of the consequences. The way to handle the potentially unpleasant reality is to prepare a shopping list detailing all possible problems and obstacles we might face. After writing these down we can no longer deny them and will be forced to deal with the challenges blocking our path. It is important to understand that if we fail to handle these issues not only will we stay stuck but matters will also get even worse.

Areas of particular relevance: Family quarrels, rivalry, tendency to ignore the facts,  unwillingness to acknowledge problems, depression, respite during a struggle.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships ________ Unwillingness to see challenges and problems in the relationship, ignoring obstacles leads to failure
Career ________ Things will not work out by themselves –we will face unexpected delays and challenges, a tendency to underestimate things and plan incorrectly leads to failure



Ace of Swords

That which we have desired actually takes form due to good planning and correct executing. If we did not plan, however, the cosmos might still nudge us in the right direction –but we will miss the associated growth and learning.

Ace of SwordsThe Ace of Swords indicated that now is the right time to materialize and bring into fruition our plans and ideas. It is important to note that although we must make plans we must also execute them. The card indicates that suddenly we feel that this is the right time to focus on our goal and take action. We feel the urge to move forward, to learn intellectually as well as spiritually, and start implementing a plan that was buried in a drawer for a long time. We feel more alert and primed for action, our thoughts get crystallized and we are ready for battle.

Sometimes we get stuck in the middle of a certain process with no progress for a long time. For these situations the card indicates there might be a cosmic intervention that will provide the much needed shove to send us on our way. However, unlike most of the Sword cards in this case the cosmic nudge will be relatively painless.

The Ace of Swords calls upon us to act without hesitation and, if so required, even “cut” something out of our life for good. We need to apply cold logic and carry out our plan even if it is unpleasant or makes us feel uncomfortable.

Areas of particular relevance: Cosmic intervention, logic which overcomes emotions, the need to “cut” something out of our lives so we can move on, stubbornness, surgery.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships New beginnings, readiness to change and compromise for the sake of a relationship, moving forward a relationship in a practical and logical way, a surprising romantic encounter ______
Career Successful execution of plans and ideas, a winning strategy, decisiveness  and persistence to reach our goal, ability to neutralize fears and emotions to promote our job or career ______



Knight of Swords

The Spoiled kid

Knight of SwordsWe don’t make an effort. We are used to others doing our work for us and being told what and how to do things. Although we know exactly what needs to be done we do nothing.

Correction: We need to start executing our own ideas. Only once we do so we will become successful.

The Knight of Coins indicates that we are waiting for someone or something to enter our lives and change them. We are passive because we are used to things happening by themselves and therefore think that the solution is “out there”. In practice we do have good ideas and the ability to put them into action. All we have to do is think, plan and execute.

The solution will come when we switch into an active state in which we find a solution, work hard and fight for our goal. Only then will the Knight turn into an Ace of swords, and we will be able to realize our dreams and reach our goal.

Areas of particular relevance: Arguments, stubbornness.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are easy to get along with, others find us interesting and never boring We are waiting for the other side to act, we do not try hard enough
Career We are accepting authority and can perform well in our work – if we only want to We do not initiate, we look for shortcuts so we won’t work too hard, without supervision we tend to slack off


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer.



Page of Swords

The Journalist

Page of SwordsWe are motivated by a strong feeling indicating that we are missing something better elsewhere. We are constantly looking for new topics to discuss.  We are practical, logical, communicative, and adapt well for life.

Correction: we need to spend the required time so we can get to the bottom of things. We need to diversify within the existing structure of life.

The Page of Swords represents a state of mind in which we feel that we can find something better, newer or more interesting elsewhere. We are always on the lookout for change and variation in life and want to replace the existing with the new. We do not realize, however, that in practice this variation can be found within the existing structure of our life – without the need to change it.

The card shows that we are communicative, develop good relationships and know how to charm those around us. We aspire to live the world intellectually so for us anything can be a new and interesting experience. However, if we constantly keep looking for new thrills outside of our existing life we will never be able to advance in our own life. Our challenge, therefore, is to re-invent our life and not try to replace it. For example, we should find new excitements within our existing relationship rather than seek a new partner.

Areas of particular relevance: Studies, education, learning, communication, sales.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are social, connect easily with others and knows how to charm others We look for superficial relationships, want to move on, do not give a chance for things to develop
Career We are fast learners, know how to sell ourselves and charm our peers and supervisors We get easily bored, do not invest in our work and will not stay committed over time


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer


Queen of Swords

The Idealist

Queen of SwordsWe are motivated by a sense of justice, ideals, and the need to improve society as a whole. We often sacrifice our immediate environment, mainly family and relationships, for the sake of society at large.

Correction: we need to think more about those who are closest to us and learn to enjoy life.

The Queen of Swords represents a state of mind in which we meditate, disengage from our surroundings and disregard interruptions so we can fully focus on what we do. We can, for example, excel at work as we focus all our attention on an important project. We have superior ideals and act to correct the world as a whole, yet we tend to forget and sacrifice what is dearest to us, mainly family and relationships.

The card shows that we have good ideas and can be ahead of our time, yet we can also be underestimated by others. Eventually we will be recognized for the talented individuals we are, but until then it is important that we become less serious and less rational so we can enjoy the life that surround us.

Areas of particular relevance: Ideals, justice, social justice, innovations, technology, medicine.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships N/A We do not dedicate enough time to our relationship, we tend to miss the important things in dealing with our partner
Career We are very focused on our goal, we invest time and effort at work, we are good thinkers with solid ideas We have good ideas but others do not recognize them as such –consequently we might enter into a conflict with our peers


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer



King of Swords

The pacifier

King of SwordsWe are motivated by a strong need to avoid conflict and achieve harmony at any price. We are willing to sacrifice our wants and needs and do not truly face our problems. Once we pass a certain threshold, however, we will dramatically cut anything that bothers us out of our life for good.

Correction: We need to learn to think more of ourselves.

The king of Wands represents a state of mind in which we want to have harmony around us. We want so badly to avoid conflict and pacify everyone that we are willing to sacrifice our opinions, beliefs, and even the most important thing: who we really are.

We tend to be ideal partners, especially in relationships. We are social and feel very comfortable around others, who usually mirror our feelings. On the other hand we are so concerned with harmony that we seldom express the things that bother us. This avoidance builds up frustration that will one day erupt in a sudden, violent and irrevocable way.

It is important for us to learn how to be ourselves and how to express our wants and needs to the world.

Areas of particular relevance: Relationships, marriage, design, art and aesthetics.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are starting to aspire for a serious relationship leading to family and kids We tend not to discuss what bothers us and then suddenly end relationships without granting second chances
Career Peers tend to like us, support our work and give us credit We tend to be “too nice” and not fulfill ourselves due to potential conflicts


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer