Ace of Wands

Suddenly, but as a result of an on-going process, we realize what we want, crave for it and draw it into our lives

Ace of WandsThe Ace of Wands indicates that suddenly -but usually following a personal process we have completed, we realize what we want in life and know how to achieve it. We then bring ourselves to the state of mind in which we are open to receive and enjoy the desired success.

The process that had started with the change in our will, continued with our openness to accept new beginnings, discoveries and successes, and culminated in the actual attraction of whatever we want into our lives. If by chance we did not attract the desired outcome it was probably because we created it ourselves. The card shows that we have the internal inspiration and general ability to create whatever we need in our lives.

The Ace of Wands confirms that we can fulfill our personal potential and achieve what we want without compromise. We are focused, powerful and can fully bring into fruition our desire. We do not need guidance or assistance but instead simply have to follow our intuition to be successful in our endeavors.

Areas of particular relevance: Creation and creativity, sexuality, anger, egocentric focus, birth, a one-time non-repeating event.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships New beginnings, sexuality and sexual attraction, courtship and determination which will lead to success, renewal of past relationship
Career Winning entrepreneurship, successful recruitment, new business ventures, willingness to take calculated risks,  achievement of goals and milestones