King of Swords

The pacifier

King of SwordsWe are motivated by a strong need to avoid conflict and achieve harmony at any price. We are willing to sacrifice our wants and needs and do not truly face our problems. Once we pass a certain threshold, however, we will dramatically cut anything that bothers us out of our life for good.

Correction: We need to learn to think more of ourselves.

The king of Wands represents a state of mind in which we want to have harmony around us. We want so badly to avoid conflict and pacify everyone that we are willing to sacrifice our opinions, beliefs, and even the most important thing: who we really are.

We tend to be ideal partners, especially in relationships. We are social and feel very comfortable around others, who usually mirror our feelings. On the other hand we are so concerned with harmony that we seldom express the things that bother us. This avoidance builds up frustration that will one day erupt in a sudden, violent and irrevocable way.

It is important for us to learn how to be ourselves and how to express our wants and needs to the world.

Areas of particular relevance: Relationships, marriage, design, art and aesthetics.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are starting to aspire for a serious relationship leading to family and kids We tend not to discuss what bothers us and then suddenly end relationships without granting second chances
Career Peers tend to like us, support our work and give us credit We tend to be “too nice” and not fulfill ourselves due to potential conflicts


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