DeathThe laws of the universe say that life is dynamic and full of change. We must not be afraid of changes, however, but learn how to rejuvenate ourselves as they happen. Life is short and we need to make the most of it.

Life is a dynamic process and is full of changes. Although we might be afraid of these changes we need to understand that they are the essence of life –changes allow us to improve, succeed and in short – to live!

Death calls upon us to ask ourselves whether we can make the necessary changes in life? Are we strong enough to cut out of our lives that which is no longer needed? What hinders our growth and development? And finally, can we make a true change? If the answer to the latter is positive we need to act now and make the change. We need to check what is over and let go of it – releasing it from our lives. If we clear our lives we will free up space for new things to enter.

In addition, the card reminds us that death awaits us. Life is short and we need to live fully, to enjoy and make the most out what we are given.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Enjoying life, having fun, good sexuality.  Inability to eliminate disturbing past events, fear of risk-taking, difficulty to enjoy life.
Career  Readiness for changes, enjoying work, belief in self, going all the way for goals we believe in.  Being afraid to initiate and act, fear of change, adherence to the past.

Areas of particular relevance:
Changes, sexuality, endings and new beginnings