TemperanceThe laws of the universe state that faith is the source of abundance. We need to overcome doubt and believe in our ability to act. Only this way will we create change, mitigate dissimilarities, overcome differences and succeed.

Temperance symbolizes abundance and success and shows that despite our natural skepticism, we have the power to induce change: to merge areas which have no connection, to bridge gaps that seem unbridgeable, to connect contradictions to generate something new and introduce success in everything we touch.

Temperance is a card of faith and in this case faith can indeed create a reality. We become aware of new opportunities and they seem to open up before us where nothing existed before. In order for us to succeed it is crucial that we believe that our goal is achievable. We need to remember that we already acquired all the ingredients and have the basis for success – we posses all tools and required skills. All that is left to do is believe in ourselves, put the onus on us – so success will solely depend on our actions – and act!

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships  Overcoming difficulties, love, faith in the other side, moving to the next level, good sexuality.  Lacking faith in the potential of a current or future relationship, fear that differences cannot be bridged.
Career  Promotion, willingness to act for a cause, overcoming difficulties and finding solutions, reaching goals. Imbalance, lack of self confidence, feeling the task at hand is too difficult and unreachable.

Areas of particular relevance:
Wedding, partnership, problems that seem to solve themselves