Five of Cups

The doubts we experienced had turned out into unfounded feelings of despair which, in turn, lead to miscommunication. If we continue this trend our doubts will turn into a destructive, self-fulfilling prophecy.

Five of CupsThe Five of Cups indicates that as a result of the doubts that found their way into our heart in Four of Cups, we feel desperate, pessimistic and can only see the half-empty part of the glass. Our reactions are proportional to the situation and are based on groundless, unverified assumptions.

Our despair causes us to withdraw from reality and hide inside ourselves. We start to develop a depression and exhibit lack of interest in life. If we continue to act this way our environment will respond accordingly and eventually we will really find ourselves feeling desperate for a good reason.

It is important to understand that our despair is unfounded and that the situation is better than it seems. We must stop the destructive chain of events we found ourselves in via better communication with our environment and react to the situation at hand.

Areas of particular relevance: Depression, lack of trust, despair, separation, negative self-fulfilling prophesy lack of trust in employees or management.

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships Everything is ok –we simply need to better communicate and be optimistic Despair, inability to see a positive future, desperation, sadness, handling ourselves wrongly, miscommunication, lack of trust
Career It is important to remember that not all is bad, we need to focus on our victories and not stop the momentum Fears and doubts that delay action, excessive dealings with the past, focus on difficulties, inability to see a bright future, lack of trust in employees or management