Five of Swords

We have to make a choice but there are no good options to choose from. Only when we choose and act accordingly will we understand what is right for us. If we chose wrongly we will still have the opportunity to fix our choice.

Five of SwordsThe Five of Swords represents the common situation in which we face a choice yet no option is attractive. Yet we still have to pick an option and act accordingly.

The important lesson is that we must act! We have to choose and act according to our choice with full conviction and commitment to our new path.

It is important to understand that only when we decide and start walking the chosen path will we know whether it is right for us. Even if we chose wrongly we will still be at a stage in which we can correct our mistake while fully understanding what is right for us.

Areas of particular relevance: Indecision, no risk taking, letting others decide for us, becoming newly religious .

Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships If we allow ourselves to take a chance and fall in love we can find a good relationship f trust in employees or management Fear and difficulty to fall in love, inability to make a choice, leaving things as they are will hurt the relationship nt
Career Making hard decisions can overcome the crisis we face t the relationship nt We tend to let others decide in our stead, business standstill due to our indecision, lack of progress