Page of Wands

The Constant Student

Page of WandsWe are motivated by a never-ending quest for new challenges, excitements and experiences. We aspire to understand the world and expand our horizons without the binds of practical considerations .We need freedom and space.

Correction: we need to find excitement and freedom within the boundaries of everyday life.

The Page of Swords represents a state of mind in which we need freedom, open spaces, new experiences and constant learning. In the defined period we need to express that part of us which is looking for change, new experiences and the broadening of our horizons.

At the same time the card indicates that we need to be wary of our tendency to seek freedom and new experiences at any price. We are so afraid of becoming too attached that we might let go of a relationship, a job, or anything else that might tie us down to our life –as positive as it might be.

We need to be aware of this tendency and understand that it might get us stuck -stopping progress in many areas of our life. Therefore, it is better if we create that which is different and new within the existing boundaries of life, e.g. together with our spouse instead of trying to find a new one.

Areas of particular relevance: Higher education, freedom, traveling abroad, gambling, luck.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships New relationships start easily, we like to try new things We consider a steady relationship an obstacle to our freedom and would not commit, we might come across as stacked-up
Career We are educated, have a solid academic background and can impress potential employers –but we usually do not want to! We are afraid to commit to our job as it might hinder our freedom, it is hard for us to move from theory to practice


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer