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Page of Cups

The Artist

page of cupsWe are motivated by a need to express our complex internal world –a world which is very emotional. We tend to daydream and are not practical.  We don’t manage to implement our creativity in everyday life.

Correction: we need to express ourselves via some sort of creative work. We must face our limitations in daily life and find someone who can take care of it for us.

The Page of Cups represents a state of mind in which we are optimistic and believe that things will work out by themselves, but it never happens. We need to be more practical and get in touch with the realistic side of life.

Most importantly, we need to communicate to our environment what we think and how we feel -otherwise no one will understand us. The card calls upon us to find the bridge between our internal and external worlds. We must be involved with areas such as drawing, cooking or anything creative that can help us express ourselves and bring our life back into balance.

Areas of particular relevance: Mysticism, art, alternative medicine, therapist/patient.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We fall in love easily, are emotional and communicate well on the physical, non-verbal level We do not express ourselves well, we don’t convey our emotions and find it hard to understand what blocks them
Career N/A We are unfocused and find it hard to deal with tasks, goals and deadlines


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer


Page of pentacles

The Clerk

Page of pentaclesWe are motivated by a strong need for order and stability. We need steadiness and consistency without surprises. We are generally afraid of life so need to know our exact place in it.

Correction: we need to understand that life cannot be constant and predetermined. We have to learn to go with the flow, experience change and even learn to enjoy it.

The Page of Swords represents a state of mind in which we seek stability, organization and order. In the defined period we need to be in state of activity, to materialize our goals and to work hard while being focused, efficient and practical.

The card also indicates that we tend to get lost in the details. We are too cautious and so afraid of making a mistake that we avoid action while waiting to be told what to do.

We have to see the bigger picture, initiate action, understand what needs to be done and simply do it!

Areas of particular relevance: Work, order and organization, health, being in shape.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are there to help our spouse, we are loyal and supportive We do not initiate enough, we are conservative and wait for the other side to act
Career We like to work, have high work ethics, follow our instructions to the letter and invest in our job We find it hard to break out of conventions and do not initiate anything ourselves, we must be told what to do


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer



Page of Wands

The Constant Student

Page of WandsWe are motivated by a never-ending quest for new challenges, excitements and experiences. We aspire to understand the world and expand our horizons without the binds of practical considerations .We need freedom and space.

Correction: we need to find excitement and freedom within the boundaries of everyday life.

The Page of Swords represents a state of mind in which we need freedom, open spaces, new experiences and constant learning. In the defined period we need to express that part of us which is looking for change, new experiences and the broadening of our horizons.

At the same time the card indicates that we need to be wary of our tendency to seek freedom and new experiences at any price. We are so afraid of becoming too attached that we might let go of a relationship, a job, or anything else that might tie us down to our life –as positive as it might be.

We need to be aware of this tendency and understand that it might get us stuck -stopping progress in many areas of our life. Therefore, it is better if we create that which is different and new within the existing boundaries of life, e.g. together with our spouse instead of trying to find a new one.

Areas of particular relevance: Higher education, freedom, traveling abroad, gambling, luck.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships New relationships start easily, we like to try new things We consider a steady relationship an obstacle to our freedom and would not commit, we might come across as stacked-up
Career We are educated, have a solid academic background and can impress potential employers –but we usually do not want to! We are afraid to commit to our job as it might hinder our freedom, it is hard for us to move from theory to practice


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer


Page of Swords

The Journalist

Page of SwordsWe are motivated by a strong feeling indicating that we are missing something better elsewhere. We are constantly looking for new topics to discuss.  We are practical, logical, communicative, and adapt well for life.

Correction: we need to spend the required time so we can get to the bottom of things. We need to diversify within the existing structure of life.

The Page of Swords represents a state of mind in which we feel that we can find something better, newer or more interesting elsewhere. We are always on the lookout for change and variation in life and want to replace the existing with the new. We do not realize, however, that in practice this variation can be found within the existing structure of our life – without the need to change it.

The card shows that we are communicative, develop good relationships and know how to charm those around us. We aspire to live the world intellectually so for us anything can be a new and interesting experience. However, if we constantly keep looking for new thrills outside of our existing life we will never be able to advance in our own life. Our challenge, therefore, is to re-invent our life and not try to replace it. For example, we should find new excitements within our existing relationship rather than seek a new partner.

Areas of particular relevance: Studies, education, learning, communication, sales.

  Supportive Obtrusive
Relationships We are social, connect easily with others and knows how to charm others We look for superficial relationships, want to move on, do not give a chance for things to develop
Career We are fast learners, know how to sell ourselves and charm our peers and supervisors We get easily bored, do not invest in our work and will not stay committed over time


Please note again that a court card cannot provide a definite answer